CaniCross- perfect way to get fit with your Dog in 2022

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With the cold weather upon us sometimes going for a dog walk in freezing temperatures can be less than appealing so CaniCross sometimes known as CaniX, could provide the perfect solution to keep warm and maintain your dog's exercise over the winter?

If you already enjoy running with your canine friend then this great fun, new hobby is for you.  CaniX provides a fantastic way to get fit in the fresh air and enjoy an invigorating workout whilst spending time with your dog The sport involves competing and taking part in a organised fun run whilst your dog is strapped and attached directly to you via a specially designed, safe,  CaniX line; harnessing your dog’s strength, which comes in pretty handy for the hills!

CaniCross is an ideal way in which to help maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog over the wintertime. The CaniX competitions start at 2.5km building up to 5km runs whilst remaining strongly focused on having fun with your dog, the most important thing!

Sufficient exercise is essential for your dog’s health and well-being all year round. Not only is it important for their heart and lungs to keep fit and healthy, regular exercise also improves bone and joint condition. The amount of exercise each dog needs is dependent on their breed, age and type but without sufficient exercise dogs our dog’s health can suffer and they can often develop destructive behaviour resulting from excess levels of energy. Finding an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy allows you to bond with your dog whilst keeping fit; you might even loose a few pounds as well!

In addition to regular exercise and bonding time with your canine it is also essential to provide a nutritious, balanced diet supplying all the necessary protein, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins and minerals in order to achieve “whole dog health”. If undertaking regular exercise, long walks or competing in events such as CaniX it may be advisable to add Glucosamine for Dogs, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid and MSM to your dog’s diet through a supplement like Canine Joint Right in order to cushion and support joint cartilage and to ease and soothe aching joints allowing your dog to retain their mobility long term.

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