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Electrolytes with MSM & Vitamins  should be an essential part of your equine kit; crucial for your horse's recovery after hard exercise.

The action of sweating allows the horse to reduce their body temperature as the sweat is absorbed by the atmosphere, cooling the body. However as equine sweat is isotonic the sweat contains salts, known as minerals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride. The losses of these minerals can cause tiredness, muscle stiffness, dehydration and in severe cases equine colic.   

Electrolytes with MSM & Vitamins can replace these lost minerals.  They are simply added to horses’ feed after strenuous exercise or a stressful environment.  Electrolytes with MSM & Vitamins optimise natural recovery time after hard work and replaces vital body fluids lost through sweating by correcting the balance of electrolytes and water within the body. The useful addition of MSM and extra vitamins gives your horse or pony the extra boost he needs by ensuring all the right nutrients are available.


Please feel welcome to speak to our nutritional advisor about when and why you should use electrolytes. 01377 250105.


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