Keep Calm; it's Only a Horse Show!

With spring in full swing and the summer months on the horizon many avid horse riders are eagerly anticipating the show season. But does your horse or pony become anxious at shows and events?

A competition atmosphere can, for some horses and ponies, produce stressful environment bringing new sights, smells and surroundings but keeping your equine calm at a show is vital;  not only for your performance, but to ensure safety! Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look...

 Five Top Tips on Managing your Horse at Competitions

 1.) An unpleasant loading experience is a negative start to your competition day.  If your horse is prone to becoming stressed when loading ensure you remain calm and positive during the process and encourage your four-legged friend to stay relaxed.  Give yourself extra loading time.

 2.) Alongside plenty of water to keep your equine hydrated, ensure that sufficient forage is always available so your horse does not become hungry, restless and frustrated whilst in transit or at an event. Always take a spare haynet in your trailer or in one of the lockers of your lorry. If your horse spends a long time in transit or is unable to leave your transport to graze during the day, having an extra net on board will help your horse remain calm.

 3.) Leave yourself sufficient time to travel to an event and get tacked up and ready to ride without being rushed. Being late will add to your stress levels, which are easily transferred to your horse!

4.) Thoroughly check your competition tack to ensure everything is correctly fitted as tack which is too tight, pinching or likely to slip is dangerous and could add to tension. Why not ride with a neckstrap if you are nervous of your equine behaving badly? In 2014 British Dressage made neckstraps Dressage legal at all levels.

5.) Some horses prefer to keep on the move at shows and benefit from being walked out or lunged whereas others prefer their own company at competition and favour the solstice the lorry or trailer provides. Assess your horse or pony as an individual and experiment and judge what method of management is best for him at events.

Don't Forget Feeding

If your horse is displaying fresh, fizzy or bad behaviour at competitions their diet should always be considered to ensure they are receiving the correct quantity and type of feed.

Feeding Calmer Equine Plus from Scientific Nutritional Products can also help to calm and promote relaxation.  Calmer Equine Plus from Scientific Nutritional Products contains premium chelated Magnesium an ‘anti stress mineral’ and B group vitamins which help relax muscles and the nervous system. Calmer Equine Plus also contains a unique blend of a Prebiotic and Probiotic live yeast culture which help stabilise and calm the digestive system. Calmer Equine Plus is ideal for competition horses who sometimes struggle with the show environment.

Calmer Equine Plus is available from or by contacting a member of our friendly team on Tel: 01377 254 900. Don’t forget to check in with our educational, informative blog next week!

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