Getting Started in Dog Showing

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Does your dog have what is takes to be a show champion or would you like to simply take part in some fun dog shows to strengthen your bond and enjoy time with your canine friend? Before your dog trots to success he needs to be trained for the job, as well as pampered and preened to perfection!

Getting Started in Dog Showing

Firstly, prior to undertaking showing classes it is vital to ensure your dog is in optimum health. Health is of paramount importance, so ensure your dog is being provided a balanced, nutritious diet and undertaking plenty of exercise. Why not take your canine for a health check at your local veterinary practice before taking part in dog showing to receive an insight into his physique? 

The next bridge to cross is to decide which classes to compete in. Only pedigree or pure breed dogs are able to compete in the major Kennel Club competitions as the Kennel Club sets a Breed Standard which represents the ideal conformation and characteristics for that breed. At shows, the Judge must compare each dog with the Breed Standard to find the dog nearest to that ideal picture of the breed.

If your dog isn't a pure breed that doesn't mean you can't enjoy showing classes, simply look up local, fun shows or you can even enter Scruffts, the cross-breeds class which began in 2000 and now held at the iconic show Crufts since 2013!

 Competing at Kennel Club Shows

1.) Ensure your dog is registered with the Kennel Club on the Breed Register and is 6 months of age or over and in optimum health.

2.) Enter a show in a class that is suitable for your dog. You can find a list of the Kennel Club licensed Shows in their Events Diary which is updated monthly. You can also find details of upcoming shows on the following websites: and

3.) Exhibitors taking part in any Kennel Club licensed event must familiarise themselves with the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations beforehand. The Show Regulations can be found in the Show Regulations booklet which is available from the Kennel Club Publications Department.

 How to prepare for a Dog Show - Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products

 1.) Make sure you have all the necessary supplies to groom your dog.  A good quality brush is a must-have and you should begin by brushing your dog thoroughly in order to loosen and free up any knots or mats in the fur prior to bathing. A skin friendly dog shampoo is a worthwhile investment as the specialised shampoo protects our dog's by complementing the pH of their skin. Dogs' skin is more alkaline than ours and a shampoo formulated for human skin can disrupt the acid mantle, which acts as an important  barrier for the body. Finish your grooming session with a nail clip, which should be done regularly to prevent nail length affecting your dog's movement and stride.

 2.) Training is vital for the show dog. The show environment can be distracting and sometimes stressful for your canine so ensure he is well-trained in remaining focused on you. Practice examining him, as the judge will to desensitise him to the process, and train him to 'stand' with positive reinforcement such as treats.

 3.) Remember diet can have a huge effect on the skin and coat condition and in order to maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat every dog requires a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet, treating your dog from the inside out. 

 4.) Getting your dog to perform in the ring is often a lot harder than it looks. A dog that wants to slouch in the corner, or ambles around the ring is unlikely to impress the judge. It is important that you learn how to present your dog in the show ring so why not attend a ring-craft class organised nationwide by the Kennel Club to find out the finer details?

 5.) Add Canine Super Coat Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products to the diet to help maintain a luxurious, glossy coat whilst reducing any areas of itchy or flaky skin. Packed full of beneficial ingredients including cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, Biotin, Zinc and a range of other vitamins and minerals which promote healthy skin and coat.

 6.)  Ensure your dog is moving freely with optimum mobility.  Using a good quality glucosamine for dogs supplement will maintain dog joint health. Add Canine Joint Right, Glucosamine for Dogs from Scientific Nutritional Products.

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