A Furry Problem: Coping with Coat-Shedding!

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The spring/summer months are upon us and for many pet owners that brings with it the season of coat shedding, and our canine friends are common culprits of cloaking our homes in hair! 

Dogs have three types of hair: primary, secondary and tactile hairs. Shedding sees the drop of the secondary hairs, which are soft and fluffy, often coating our furniture, carpet and clothing. Shedding is a natural means for your animal to lose dead or damaged hairs however, the amount and frequency of shedding can depend on the season, the breed, pregnancy and general health.

Dogs tend to grow and shed their hair in cycles. Each cycle has a growth phase, a transitional phase and a resting phase. Mature hair detaches from the base of the hair follicles during the transitional phase, and eventually new hair grows in its place. This is when shedding happens. The amount of ambient light, and changes in temperature, greatly influence how much a dog sheds.

A healthy coat is a sign of a healthy pet. If you think your pet may be shedding due to an underlying medical condition or as a result of stress it is important to always seek advice from your vet. However if your dog is simply undertaking a typical spring shedding cycle our top tips below with optimise their coat condition.

Coping with Coat Shedding with Scientific Nutritional Products

  •  Feed your pet good quality food. Cheaper brands are often deficient in quality ingredients and unbalanced. To optimise coat health our dog’s food source should be high in protein, omega 3 and fatty acids.
  •  It is important to brush your pet regularly to help remove dead hairs and stimulate new hair growth and reduce matting.
  •  Keep fleas, worms, mites and ticks at bay with regular de-worming and flea treatments as these parasites can damage the coat and hair condition.
  •  Baths can boost your dog’s coat shine and also rectify many coat problems as dirty skin or matted hair can encourage bacterial growth which can promote further shedding. However it is important to use specific canine shampoo as human shampoo can be harsh on the dog’s skin causing excessive shedding!


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