Optimising Canine Nutrition

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Our dogs’ food must supply the nutrients our canines' need for growth, energy, and repair. Dogs are omnivorous scavengers at the carnivore end of the spectrum and the wild dog evolved to eat whatever was available, both in times of plenty and during scarcer times, meaning our canine friends are able to cope with a wide variety of food. However more recent generations have led humans to discover that in order to maximise health, happiness and wellbeing of our pet dogs they always need sufficient levels of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and minerals in the diet in order to reach and to maintain optimum health.

People are becoming increasingly aware that what we eat is vital and at the heart of our health. If people eat poor quality food, deficient in nutrition, it is impossible to remain healthy and this is exactly the same for our dogs. Conditions and diseases can often rear their ugly heads when there is not sufficient quality nutrition supplied in the diet and when the immune system is compromised your dog is far more likely to contract other health related problems.

Although dogs are considered opportunist omnivores, it is best to make sure you are feeding a dog food which is designed for your dog and that is high in protein. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at the important nutrients that your dog should receive in his diet


Proteins are made up of amino acids and are found in meat and vegetables. Protein is easily metabolised into energy as well as assisting with repairing wear and tear of the body. High protein feeds are recommended for growing puppies and working dogs. 

Fats and Oils 

Fats and Oils are sometimes misunderstood as they are often considered the cause of obesity. However though oil is high in calories, fats and oils are also very good for health offering our dogs Omega 3 which has anti inflammatory properties and providing a healthy coat and skin for our canines alongside making their food more palatable.


The common source for carbohydrates in dog food are cereals, providing our dogs with extra nutrients and energy. The carbohydrate source must be of good nutritional quality to ensure it can be digested easily. 

Vitamins & Minerals 

Vitamins and Minerals are necessary in small quantities for good all round general health. The key to optimum canine health, alongside regular exercise and a happy lifestyle is their diet. Thus it is incredibly important to choose a dog food which is rich in high quality ingredients. In order to provide your dog with the best food possible consult the label of the feed carefully and ask a professional if you are unsure of the nutrition content of your canine's feed. Remember if your dog's skin is dry or flaky, he's not maintaining his weight or your dog is suffering low energy or mobility then it may be beneficial to try a different food source, after ruling out he is not suffering from a medical problem.

Supplementing the Diet

Your dog may require a supplement to be added to his diet such as a Dog Joint Supplement to maiximise Dog Joint Mobility.  Canine Joint Right  providing Glucosamine for Dogs is available from Scientific Nutritional Products. The best Dog Joint Supplement helping your dog remain healthy and active. Why not take a look at our website  www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or for more information or to receive one-to-one nutritional advice specific to your dog by contacting our nutritional specialist Peter Fishpool on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774 

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