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Many UK households enjoy the magic of multiple pets. Having more than one dog can be a huge positive, meaning that our canine friends get to enjoy each other’s company and keep one another entertained so there is less occurrence of separation anxiety. It’s not always harmonious however and so it’s important to make good decisions, know how to navigate squabbles and ensure any on-going conflicts are minimised.

Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at some key areas…

Decision time

Firstly, if you are a single dog household considering getting another dog it is vital to consider whether your current dog genuinely enjoys the company of other dogs. If the answer is yes then choosing a dog whose style of play and interaction is similar to your existing canine is wise. Some dogs enjoy rough and tumble whereas others would simply seek a quiet companion. Older dogs often struggle with the energy of puppies especially if they have health issues such as eyesight problems or aches and pains so it is important to choose wisely and support your older dog. Canine Joint Right available from Scientific Nutritional Products is a beneficial dog joint supplements to add to the diet of older dogs supporting stiff joints and maximising their mobility.

Keeping friction at bay

Making a multi-dog household work requires particular attention in certain areas. Feeding time, toys and one-to-one personal attention can often be sources of conflict for dogs. Limit discord by feeding your dogs separately or in their crates and keeping high value toys off the floor except for one-on-one play or chew time. It’s also beneficial to where possible give dogs equal opportunities for affection and attention.

Stay active

Exercise is a critical factor in good relationships between our four-legged friends. A tired dog is usually a well-behaved dog and as excess energy is a stressor, dogs will be less stressed and excitable after exercise and far more likely to live in harmony.

Finally Be realistic

As dogs are pack animals, we often have high expectations about their abilities to live peacefully in groups but dog owners should be realistic about differences in temperament and age and make a commitment to managing and training. Pack management is best achieved by calm management and positive training, not punishment and remember the more dogs in the family, the more critical it is that the human pack member remains in charge!

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