DIY Boredom Busters for Dogs

An active, well-occupied dog is usually a happier one and our canine friends love having fun! To most dogs, toys are a great way to enjoy play time to the full but many can really churn through the toys, either by destroying them; whoops (!), or the smarter dogs working out how to problem solve and then tiring of the toy. If you are out at work all day or you have a dog that could do with some mental exercise as well as physical exercise our latest blog looking at boredom busters for dogs is for you!

Five DIY Boredom Buster Toys!

  • Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the tennis ball and pop your treat inside, as your dog chews the hole should open to reveal the treat. If you are going out for a few hours you could leave a couple round the house to be discovered! They are great for smart dogs to keep their mind occupied during periods of absence and many behavioural problems can be assisted by giving your dog activities and problems to solve.
  • Many dogs love the crinkle sound of chewing on a plastic bottle and if your dog gets through lots of toys this free and easily accessible option can be a great one! When making a recycled bottle toy always remove the lid and the plastic ring around the neck and be careful to supervise any serious chewers! If safe to do so, the plastic bottles can be filled with dry biscuits so that your canine can roll the bottle round to release the them or try piercing holes in the side for a variation on the same game!
  • How about some up-cycling? Next time you put together a charity bag of unwanted clothing or household items use an old t-shirt or a towel as a tug toy. Cut the fabric into strips and plait into a tight plait and hey presto, you’ve got a toy without spending a penny! You could accessorise it and add a tennis ball and have a throw toy too!
  • Keep it simple; take an old cereal box place some treats inside and tape it shut! Then let your dog rip the box to shreds to release the treats! He will love this easy and rewarding game!
  • Why not set up a digging pit in the garden or use a children’s sand pit to set up a digging area. Hide some toys in there and your dog will definitely think it is a fun place to play. If you prefer you can also fill it with water if your dog loves water and you’d rather avoid the mess of sand!

Have fun and enjoy your DIY toys!

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