Eventing Inspired: Burghley Horse Trials

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EVENTING: a thrilling sport, known as the 'ultimate test of horse and rider' captivates the imagination of many but yet requires dedication, hard graft, as well as the optimum health and fitness of our equine partners! Never is this more true than at the highest level of the sport and last weekend saw the 2017 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials taking place where a top class field competed to take the great honor of  winning  at one of only six four star events in the world.

So for those of you visited Burghley or were glued to your T.V screens here are some top facts about the event from the classic source of equine information - Horse and Hound!

Eventing came to Burghley House almost by accident in 1961 after the Marquess of Exeter heard an event at Harewood was to be cancelled ­– so he invited the BHS to move the event to his estate, proving the start of a remarkable journey of the iconic Burghley Horse Trials!

Burghley Horse Trials today is one of just six CCI four-star events worldwide, the others are Badminton, Kentucky, Luhmuhlen, Pau and Adelaide. In Burghley’s first year only 19 competitors took part. Of those nineteen just nine of these combinations completed the event! Today Burghley is a very different affair as approximately 1,100 volunteers are involved in the organising and running of the event. These include vets, fence judges and stewards who are crucial to ensuring that the event runs smoothly as Burghley welcomed over 160,000 visitors during the four days of competition. The combined jumping effort of all horses and riders throughout the event was over 5,000!

During the competition the best riders in the world battled it out in the Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. Riders came from all over the world to compete at Burghley with the big names this year including such as; Oliver Townend, Tina Cook, Gemma Tattersall, Andrew Nicholson, Mark Todd to name but a few!  It was a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th for our British competitors. With Oliver Townend and Ballaghmor Class taking the 2017 Burghley Title.  A wonderful result for Oliver also being part of Team GB winning gold at this year's Europeans.  

Burghley Horse Trials also plays a very important part in 'future' Event Horses with Dubarry sponsoring The Young Event Horse class for 4 and 5yr olds where qualifiers take place throughout the year creating a very exciting Final at Burghley. Congratulations to Ginnie Turnbull riding I Diablo Joe to win the 4yr old class and Tracy Walshe riding Poynstown Stonehaven winning the 5yr olds.

Loved by many equestrians and non equestrians (for incredible shopping) alike, Burghley Horse Trials set in the beautiful parkland of Burghley house in Stamford offers a fantastic day out in the countryside with something for everyone.  Our favourite fun figure of all is the whopping 26 gallons of Pimms drunk by visitors this year!                                        2018 dates: 30 August-2nd September.

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