Autumn Grooming

As summer draws to a close why not give your canine friend a spruce up ready for the cooler weather where they may not thank you for a bath quite as much! With the summer coat moulting in order for the winter coat to grow; it certainly will be time well spent too in removing the old fur!

Dogs have three types of hair: primary, secondary and tactile hairs. Shedding sees the drop of the secondary hairs, which are soft and fluffy, often coating our furniture, carpet and clothing. Shedding is a natural as dogs tend to grow and shed their hair in cycles. Each cycle has a growth phase, a transitional phase and a resting phase. Mature hair detaches from the base of the hair follicles during the transitional phase, and eventually new hair grows in its place. This is when shedding happens. The amount of ambient light, and changes in temperature, greatly influence how much a dog sheds.

It is important not to bath too often as bathing too regularly can remove oils from the coat but an occasional bath and a good brush will keep your dog's coat clean, removing dirt and dead hairs -which encourages new growth of healthy, shiny hair. Brushing also prevent knots and mats in the coat developing particularly important during the period of the coat being shed. Regular grooming is important for good care and maintenance of the skin and coat allowing your dog to remain clean and healthy preventing the build up for dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat. Regular grooming of your dog also helps to build your relationship, creating a bond between you and allowing the conscientious dog owner to check for any abnormal lumps, bumps or parasites!

When bathing it is important to remember that dogs' skin is more alkaline than ours and a shampoo formulated for human skin can disrupt the acid mantle, which acts as an important barrier for the body. This disruption can lead to an increased risk of bacterial and parasitic infections so look for the pH balance on your bottle of dog shampoo; it should be around 7.

After a bathing and grooming session conduct a nail clip, which should be done regularly to prevent nail length affecting your dog's movement and stride, and why not wipe the eyes and ears too?

Finally and most importantly feed your pet good quality food! Health comes from the inside out and cheaper brands are often deficient in quality ingredients and unbalanced. To optimise coat health our dog’s diet should be nutritious, high in protein, omega 3 and fatty acids. This can often be the most important factor in correct skin and coat care so if you dog is not showing off a lustrous coat or has flaky, dry skin it may be worth changing his diet, lifestyle regime or investing in a supplement.

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