Exercising the Senior Dog

As your canine friend ages, they will change, even if they are perfectly healthy for the age they have now reached. These changes in their bodies may mean your dog is not be able to run as fast, jump as high or have the stamina they had in earlier years. Therefore it is important for dog owners to understand their canine's limits and create an exercise routine which their dog will relish.

Providing optimum care for your older dog includes factors such as; weight supervision, top quality feeding and overall management including grooming. Simple measures such as keeping nails trimmed can optimise your dog's mobility as well as providing a comfortable, padded dog bed so that your older dog can sleep in comfort and their stiff joints are cushioned.

The most common issue seen in older dogs, that limits their mobility and exercise level, is osteoarthritis. The degeneration of the joints due to age, and wear and tear, can mean your dog is in need of support, Glucosamine for Dogs is ideal. Providing a joint supplement including Glucosamine for Dogs alongside nutritious dog food and limiting weight can be highly beneficial. Canine Joint Right from Scientific Nutritional Products is ideal, providing; Glucosamine for Dogs, Chondroitin, HA, MSM and Omega 3, perfect for supporting the older dog and improving joint health.

A senior dog should still be getting regular walks throughout the week but it is advisable to keep them short and not to overdo it. A regular schedule of short walks is better than varying between long and short walks but despite this it is important to still pay attention to how your older dog is each day as other extraneous variables can affect their mobility.  If you are not sure what distance your older dog is capable of consult your vet, who will be able to advise.

For dogs that like the water swimming is another excellent activity to help exercise the dog's muscles without putting too much pressure on the joints.

Remember dogs with physical limitations may want to keep moving, running after balls and jumping for Frisbees as they used to, but it is likely they don’t have the stamina so it is important to bear in mind these toys will have the same lure as they always have, but your dog may pay the price for too much exuberance afterwards! Keep a check on how frequently and for how long a duration you play games with your older canine to limit the risk of fatigue.  

Whilst you may have to reduce highly physical activities it is important to still provide your dog with plenty of mental stimulation. Treat toys, which dispense food when played with can be ideal alongside practicing discipline commands; sit, stay etc and more inventive ways to test out your dog, such as hiding food rewards around the house or garden and getting them to follow their noses!  

 If you would like to findout how Canine Joint Right 'Glucosamine for Dogs' can benefit your dog's mobility please visit our website to find out more or contact our nutritional expert Peter Fishpool on  FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774.

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