Giving a Home to a Rescue Dog

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If you are planning on adding a canine friend to your family then considering a rescue dog can offer a much needed home to a dog in need. Here in the UK charities such as Battersea, RSPCA, The Dogs Trust and many more smaller organisations re-home dogs and puppies which may have come into shelters through no fault of their own.

There are many reasons why a puppy or adult dog may end up in need of an alternative home and often it’s about the owners personal circumstances, rather than extreme neglect or the dog’s fault in any way. Prior owners may pass their dog up to a rescue centre with a heavy heart having a clash of family dynamics, be moving home, changing jobs or in some instances elderly owners may have passed away leaving no choice but for their dog to be up for adoption.

Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at some important factors to consider when adopting a rescue dog.

Before visiting your local centre, investing some time researching some common breeds will help you decide what breed characteristics and traits will suit your home and lifestyle. Thinking carefully about the type of dog, their age and their energy levels is critical as the environment you are able to provide will dictate which canine friend you will be able to offer a suitable home to!

Once you choose and bring home your adopted rescue dog ensure they are up to date with all their vaccinations and fully health checked. The majority of centres will organise this but if you are adopting from abroad this may differ and registering any new dog with the local veterinarian is essential. In the early weeks and months providing lots of contact time and a regular routine will help your new friend settle and manage their transition to joining your family. 

If you come up against any problems or hit any roadblocks with your adopted rescue dog most centres will be on hand to advise. This could be attending dog training classes or consulting a canine behaviourist - can be helpful to tackle any issues such as toilet training, walking on the lead and recall.

Finally ensuring your adopted dog’s diet is highly nutritious by selecting a good quality dog food is critical and for older dogs Canine Joint Right from Scientific Nutritional Products offers maximum joint comfort and mobility through it’s beneficial ingredients such as; Glucosamine for Dogs, MSM, Chondroitin, HA and Omega 3. For more information on Canine Joint Right Glucosamine for Dogs or to receive one-to-one advice specific to your dog and dog joint supplements contact our nutritional specialist on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774.

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