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The recent weather has brought us more sunshine and less rainy days, which compared to trudging through mud is welcome by the majority of equestrians! However the flip side means concerns around hard ground bringing with it a new set of problems for horse owners. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at the important things to consider to enjoy the summer weather without risking additional injury to your horse or pony.

Concussion as a result of hard ground can place extra strain on joints, which can be problematic, especially for older horses and those with joint issues. Hard ground increases the potential for injury to the lower limb including the feet, tendons, ligaments, joints and even muscles higher up in the body can also be affected. When the ground is hard these structures are less able to absorb the concussive force and this repetitive exposure can lead to the buildup of discomfort, and in more severe instances trauma to horses joints.

Certain factors play a part in creating more risk. Older horses or those struggling with issues such as arthritis have an increased risk level. Conformational issues and foot problems such as brittle hooves and thin soles can also play a big part in problems such as bruised soles arising alongside joint concussion.

For riders when exercising their equines on hard ground, be it hacking , schooling and competition, it is paramount to assess whether your horse is well-balanced and able to cope with the ground condition. If they work somewhat on the forehand this will increase the load on the forelimbs, as well as increasing the likelihood of tripping. In addition during a ride evaluating the level of fatigue of our horses and ponies is highly beneficial.

Finally it is particularly important to consider the terrain itself as flat, hard ground is more tolerable than if the terrain itself is rutted or there are exposed stones.

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