How Canines Can Help People with Depression

Why feed a Horse Joint Supplement? Reading How Canines Can Help People with Depression 4 minutes Next Time for Clipping

Here at Scientific Nutritional Products we love dogs! These incredible animals bring us joy, laughter and in some cases, important services such as military services or as assistance dogs to blind, deaf or diabetic people in need. Recent reports in the press have also focused on dogs assisting autistic adults and children which is fantastic, and illustrates how much impact a four-legged friend can have on someones life. In our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products looks at canines helping people in a different way; helping those struggling with depression especially with shorter days now upon us.

Depression can be paralysing and sufferers experience lasting feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness and can in many cases lose interest in the things they used to enjoy.  Many people with depression also have have symptoms of anxiety.

It is essential that those people struggling with depression seek seek help from a medical professional but there are many ways a canine friend can help support someone coping with depression.


When struggling with depression it can be very hard to motivate yourself, especially if sufferers experience low self-esteem. Having a dog can help people feel more motivated because they can motivate themselves for an animal that needs them. Our dogs need to be fed daily and walked and this necessity provides structure, motivation and once people are able to let them in; new and good experiences.

Improving Quality of Life

Dogs make us laugh and get us out in the great outdoors enjoying the fresh air, beautiful sights and hopefully, where possible, the sunshine! It has also been widely documented that increasing exercise levels can help combat depression symptoms for many people.

Dogs also require training, so at times our dogs need their owners to be calm and assertive which can have a positive impact on state of mind. The experience of dog training also allows people to feel self confidence, offering them a positive experience of ‘cause and effect’ of being able to control their own feelings in turn having a favourable effect on their dog’s behaviour.

Self Esteem

Dogs are loyal. Dogs are loving, and dogs are not a harsh judge. Our canines need us and want to be with us and if we make mistakes they love us anyway, or at least they certainly don’t hold on to grudges for long! Dogs encourage us to live in the present as they do! All hail the wonderful dog!

In spite of the positive impact a dog can bring in to someone’s life they are a big commitment so for those considering getting a dog it is essential to do sufficient research before committing to make sure the constant care they need, can be provided. Canine breeds differ in size, temperament and their exercise needs, so new potential owners should find a breed that suits their lifestyle. Or for those less able to make a commitment to their own dog there are many therapy programmes available with animals.

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