Minimising your Dog’s Stress at the Vets!

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For many of our pets, visiting the veterinarian is not their destination of choice! We, their owners are often stressed and the experience, unless a routine visit, normally occurs when our dogs are feeling under the weather. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at minimising your canines stress at the vets in our latest blog.

If the first visit to the vets with your new puppy or adopted older dog results in them presenting to be frightened, this should not be ignored, assuming it will be better next time. If our dogs fears are not addressed in the early stages and if we, as dog owners, do not go out of our way to make their vet experiences more positive these fears can intensify.

Your pet’s vet visit begins with usually with a car ride, which for some dogs is not an enjoyable experience in it’s own right and can result in sickness. So in order to put your dog at ease why not pack your dog's favourite blanket or toy? Always ensure you provide some water on board and where possible drive with a window open to ensure your canine doesn't become dehydrated.

Schedule your timing so you can arrive around 10 minutes early, leave your canine friend in the car and then go into the practice to register your arrival and scope out the waiting room. If it is very busy, ask if you can leave your dog in the car until just before the vet is ready to see them or walk the dog outside if they have a suitable buzzer they can give you to notify you when the vet is ready. If this is not possible sit in a quiet corner and keep your dog on the lead and focused on you and offer them reassurance.

Most of us can recognise a dog cowering, shaking or backing into the corner to be fearful behaviour but it is also vital to monitor the more subtle signs such downward gaze, no eye contact, licking or yawning.  If your dog presents with these signals ask the veterinarian to go slowly and explain you would prefer to bring him back for another visit that cause a negative experience.

Finally don’t forget the treats -why not ask your vet to give him a treat to build a positive association?

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