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From time to time due to factors such as sales, house moves and changing needs horse owners may need to move their horse or pony to a different stable yard. This can sometimes prove an anxiety provoking experience for our equine friends so Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at how to manage and alleviate any stressors so that moving can run smoothly for both equine and human.

Organisation is Key

Visiting the yard that your horse will be moving to in advance can ensure that you are fully organised for their arrival and will give you the opportunity of setting up their new stable with bedding, hay and water allowing for a smooth transition into a comfortable environment. It is sensible to decide in advance your plan for turning out and to take a walk around the pasture to check whether the field is safe and secure and any introductions to new field partners should be conducted under supervision.

Keep to the Routine

Horses thrive on a regular routine so it can be highly beneficial to aim to keep the routine as similar as possible. If changes need to be made, where possible doing this gradually will help reduce your equine’s stress. If your routine has to change try and stay in sync with the rest of the yard for their feeding and turn out regime so that your horse or pony can settle to the new system with minimum stress.

Security Matters

If you are changing areas registering with a new veterinarian and getting a new farrier organised prior to the move is highly advisable. For security reasons It is important to remember to update your horse’s microchip and if a sale has taken place that the passport details are up to date.

Keep it Healthy

Horses react very differently to a change of yard and some horses appear to not even notice whilst others can take them to settle down. If your horse or pony appears particularly stressed monitor them closely and where suitable it could be beneficial to consider adding a supplement to the diet such as Calmer Equine Plus from Scientific Nutritional Products. This high specification supplement is rich in Magnesium, B Vitamins and Pre and Pro Biotics which provide anti-stress minerals, regulating blood pressure and the release of adrenaline alongside promoting a healthy digestive system.

A range of equine and canine supplements are available from Scientific Nutritional Products including Calmer Equine Plus . For more information or to receive one-to-one nutritional advice contact our nutritional specialist Peter Fishpool on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774


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