Autumn Clipping

Clipping is an important equestrian management job which minimises your horse’s sweat loss during exercise and enables them to dry more quickly. Many horse owners clip their horses and ponies throughout the year but with the autumn months upon us, and our equine’s coats growing, those that clip seasonally are adding the job to their list. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look!

Choosing the day of your clip depending on the weather conditions and the amount of traffic at the yard is wise. This will allow your horse to be as calm as possible.

When introducing a horse to clippers, even if they have been clipped before, it is beneficial to take your time. Let your horse or pony see the clippers and when you turn them on allow them time to get used to the sound before applying them to the coat. Start at the shoulder as this area is flatter, and not as sensitive as some parts of the body. Always clip the coat in long sweeping strokes moving the clippers against the growth of the hair.

After your horse has been clipped they will need to be rugged to protect them from becoming cold and from the wind and rain. In recent years there has been a big movement towards avoiding over rugging so each horse should be assessed as an individual as to what rugs they require and checked regularly to ensure they are not getting too hot. Considering whether you need to clip is also crucial, as if your horse is living out or they do not have access to a field shelter they will need their winter coat to protect them from the elements.

Between clips when your horse’s coat thickens again owners should consider sweat loss during exercise. Equine sweat is isotonic which means the sweat contains minerals including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. Losses of these minerals can cause our horse's to suffer from tiredness, muscle stiffness, dehydration and in severe cases colic. Supplying Horse Electrolytes alongside ample fresh water allows equines to refuel their bodies post exercise and after sweat lost giving the boost they need by ensuring the necessary nutrients are available.

Horse Electrolytes with MSM available from Scientific Nutritional Products provides equines the recovery they need after competing, training or travelling. Find out more today by visiting the website at or contact the team on Tel: 01377 250105 

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