Running with your Dog in Autumn and Winter

With the colder, darker weather upon us our long evening walks in the countryside with our dogs are sadly no longer. So why not try something new and give running with your dog a go this season? Running with your dog provides a fantastic way to get fit in the fresh air and enjoy an invigorating workout whilst spending time with your canine friend. Surely it is the perfect combination for dog lovers and fans of the great outdoors? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

Sufficient exercise is essential for your dog’s health and well-being. Not only is it important for their heart and lungs to keep fit and healthy, regular exercise also improves bone and joint condition.

The amount of exercise each dog needs is dependent on their breed, age and type but without sufficient exercise dogs our dog’s health can suffer and they can often develop destructive behaviour resulting from excess levels of energy. Finding an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy allows you to bond with your dog whilst keeping fit, and you might even be able to loose a few pounds as well! Perfect for the run up to Christmas!

So what do you need to know before you go?

Scientific Nutritional Products shares their five top tips!

1.) Begin your new activity gradually and build up your experience of running in the dark – stick to routes you already know and choose nice wide paths with good terrain. Your dog’s senses are heightened in the dark and by choosing routes you already know, your dog will also navigate turns much easier as they will instinctively go the right way. This makes for a fun and exhilarating run!

2.) It is essential to invest in a good head torch or light belt. Ensure the brightness and the beam are suitable and that the head torch you choose has sufficient battery life. It must be comfortable too!

3.) Dress for the job! You will need suitable footwear and some technical fabric clothing ensuring your sweat is wicked away from the body ensuring you stay comfortable. Reflective material is a good idea and why not add something reflective or high viz to your dog’s harness or collar too?

4.) Why not run with friends? It is safer and is a great way to enjoy the activity with others. This is a great social experience for your dog too! If you are running as a group practice your commands, i.e to let the group know when you’re turning left or right or stopping and perhaps nominate a group leader.

5.) Finally, look after your body and your dog’s. Make sure you warm up in walk before setting off at a run and have a cool down period in walk too before completing your exercise session and make sure you both stay hydrated!

So there we go, why not make the most of autumn and winter months and get out there and get fit running with your dog?

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