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For dog lovers there’s nothing better than taking your four-legged friends on a UK holiday, but on the flip-side there really would be nothing worse than losing your dog when they’re away from home. Sadly, each year a number of pets run away while they’re on trips with their families, and though the majority are found, it can be much more difficult when your canine is in an unfamiliar environment. Our latest blog takes a look at how travelling with pets and how to make sure your four-legged family member stays safe whilst away!

Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Taking your Dog on Holiday.

  1. Make sure your dog’s collar fits correctly. A properly fitted collar should be snug around your dog's neck, allowing just enough room for you to slip two fingers underneath. Collars that are too loose can slip over your pet’s head if and the ID tag on your pet’s collar is your first line of defence should they become lost. Leave your pet’s collar on. Taking your pet’s collar off when they’re back at the house or hotel you are staying at is a habit best left at home, particularly if you are letting your dog outside in the garden. When in an unfamiliar environment, it’s safer to leave your pet’s identification tags on at all times - it is better safe than sorry!

2.) Train your dog to get in and out of the car on command. If you establish this process prior to travelling you limit the risk of your dog jumping out of the vehicle upon opening the door or the boot when it is not safe for him to leave the car or before his lead is secured.   

3.) Make sure your canine's collar and their lead are in good condition and not worn as this could dramatically increase the risk of this equipment breaking or splitting. In a similar vein, before going away, check your ID tags are not worn and the contact details are fully legible. It is also important to have your pet micro-chipped, so he can be identified if his collar breaks and his ID tags are lost.

4.) If your dog does get away from you, do not panic. Think quickly – if you can grab his or collar lead, then do it. But, if your dog is running away from you it is important that you don't encourage him to run by running after him - this will simply make him run faster! Call him, offer treats (make sure you are carrying some) or try throwing his ball or toy in the opposite direction to the one he is running in.

5.) Don't leave your dog in the car instead! Do your research when planning your trip and ensure the local pubs, cafes and beaches you plan on visiting to where you are staying allow dogs.

With a little vigilance and preparation, you can make sure that your canine friendly holiday is fun for everyone – and that you’ll all come home together.

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