Canine Joint Right worth every penny

Glucosamine for Dogs
I started to use this Canine Joint Right for my Collie (now 11) at the of age 5. Having used it for a few months, I noticed such a change in him that I now use it for all 3 of my dogs (aged 11, 10 and 3). I have tried various other glucosamine products over the years, but this is definitely the one I will be sticking with. It is easily added to food, I have never had any trouble with the dogs not taking it, and it is delivered efficiently after each order. It does work out a little expensive (with 3 dogs using it), but I offset this against what I would potentially be paying in regular vets bills. Having an active, happy, ageing Collie makes Canine Joint Right worth every penny.
Samantha - Canine Joint Right

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