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My horses are much more relaxed and easy to work with!

I am the founder and manager of a horse and animal rescue charity and an Equine Rehabilitation Centre and have in my many years of training, competing and rescuing horses experience and seen quite a lot in every sphere in the Equine world. At my centre we have a fair amount of ex-racehorses and competition horses that have come into us and some of them have had in the past stomach ulcers or digestive problems, due to stress or nervousness and inner anxiety. I called Peter at SNP to ask him about his product Calmer Equine Plus as I had an ex-racehorse that box walked that had come in for rescue and an International show jumper who had retired from show Jumping. I felt both needed some type of calmer and preferably something that included a probiotic and something for stabilising and calming the digestive system. Since I have tried the Calmer Equine Plus on both horses, there has been a big difference in the way they are in general, both are much more relaxed and easy to work with, both are calmer in their environment be it stable, ridden or field, which is all I can ask for, as that is and should always be the aim of any person owning a horse. A couple of times in the past I have run out of this product and in that short space of time before another delivery there has been a marked difference in the horses state of mind going back to showing anxiety at the smallest things, which was not good or beneficial to their progress. So I now make sure I have another pot ready before I run out! I think this product is excellent and does the job it says on the container and if anyone has a horse or pony that needs that nervous edge taking off of them to make their horses life better, then I strongly suggest trying Calmer Equine Plus.

Jann Turner of French’s Care Haven and French’s Equine Rehabilitation Centre - Calmer Equine Plus

My horse is no longer stiff and out of retirement!

I had to retire Action Man at 14 due to stiffness in his joints. He was my first horse and hence destined to have the rest of his days in comfort with me. A couple of years later a friend at the local Riding Club put me onto Joint Right Supreme. I was watching him cavort round the field when a girl at my yard asked why dont I ride him? We now hack out regularly and this is a photo of him competing in the veteran class at our local riding club aged 19! I used to be sceptical when it came to supplements but the only change in Mannys routine was Joint Right Supreme I dont know how it works but having seen a difference I know it does!
Claire Clayphan - Horse Joint Right Supreme

The results speak for themselves...thrilled

Angel is now really enjoying her walks.... I fully intend to keep using Canine Joint Right as the results really speak for themselves! Angel, our greyhound, is now 7. After the shortest of sprints in the garden, Angel would sometimes come back limping. It was heartbreaking to watch her hobble off the sofa after a nap and struggle to the climb stairs...I decided to speak to my vet who felt that Angel would benefit from Canine Joint Right, glucosamine for dogs. I decided to give it a go. I was concerned that she would turn her nose up at it but she happily eats it mixed in with her food. And the results!...she can get off the sofa with ease, is chasing my lurcher around the fields! I feel that Canine Joint Right has really helped her mobility.
Cathy Muller - Canine Joint Right

Fabulous supplement and it really does work!

Wow - so pleased with Canine Joint Right... Bear seems to be doing amazing. We gave him max dose for the first week and then dropped to a maintenance level. He is now really enjoying playing in the garden with his friend pebbles. I was dubious that this supplement would make a difference but I will definitely be keeping him on Canine Joint Right, it has really made a huge difference. Thank you again.
Samantha Springall - Canine Joint Right

We can now put shoes on our thoroughbred mare

Our 9yr old thoroughbred (ex-racehorse) mares feet have never been brilliant but about 3 months ago, our farrier said he was having increasing difficulty shoeing her as her feet were not growing and crumbling away. He decided he couldn't shoe her anymore and recommended we leave them off until we see growth. Sadly she struggled without shoes. Our farrier advised us to buy Robust Hoof. . We are now on our second tub and the transformation is amazing. We have had at least a good inch of new growth.She is now able to be shod again! Needless to say we would 100% recommend Robust Hoof to anyone else with the same problem. It truly worked for "Katy Kitten".
Ann Minter -  Robust Hoof

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