Geoffrey is much more settled at shows

Magnesium Calmer for Horses
Thanks to Calmer Equine, we have seen a real difference to Geoffrey in the show ring and at home...We have had ongoing problems with Geoffrey, a 5 year old show jumper, because he gets so worried and nervy. Before we used Calmer Equine, Geoffrey was always spooking and panicking about the smallest of things! Since having him on Calmer Equine we have seen a real difference in the way he reacts, for instance in the show ring he would never spook at jumps but at things like the photographer or spectators. We have noticed that he is much more settled and now seems able to concentrate on jumping! We have also seen a difference in him at home. He use to start work being fresh and nervous but feeding him Calmer Equine has allowed him to start his schooling in more relaxed and settled way, this has really helped us progress more smoothly with his education.
Russ Underwood -  Calmer Equine Plus

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