Can you give an unwanted dog a loving home?

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There are many unwanted dogs right at this moment gazing out of kennels hoping to attract each and every passer-by's attention in order to find a family and home of their own. So if you are considering getting a dog yourself why not re-home a dog from one of the many canine rescue centres? Often the cost of taking on a rescue dog is very little and many come already vaccinated, microchipped and may even be neutered too, saving you even more. The catch can be that that some rescue dogs come with their own quirks and dog behaviour problems that you might need to overcome.

However dogs which are available for re-homing are not alone in this respect and a purchased puppy could bring behavioural problems to the household simply as a result of their innate personality. The good news is almost any dog training problem can be remedied if handled in the right way. There are various canine re-homing centres throughout the UK including such as; RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and The Retired Greyhound Trust.

Three Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Success in Re-homing a Dog

1.) Assess what age of dog suits you best. If you want a puppy, there may be some available in pet rescue centres but remember they often find homes more readily. Older dogs are easier to find, are often more mellow and are frequently already trained which may suit a first time dog owner better. However it must always be considered that an older dog may have already developed more behavioural problems so the full history of the dog should be gathered by any new potential owner before adoption.

2.) Think with your head not your heart when choosing your canine friend and make a decision regarding the breed, type and energy levels of dog that is right for you and your family. It is crucial to give a lot of consideration to the type of environment your re-homed dog needs and is best suited to in order to ensure a long term, happy home.

3.) Always ask a professional expert or attend dog training classes for help with tackling any behaviour problems,  or simply just to kick-start your dog's new life. Good leadership in combination with sensitivity and understand is the best way to have a well behaved and happy canine. And don't forget the key to a happy canine is to provide a regular routine, plenty of walks and a balanced nutritious diet so that your dog feels fit, healthy, happy!

The inclusions of supplements in the diet can be beneficial in order to promote optimum health. Scientific Nutritional Products supply  Canine Joint Right, a Glucosamine for Dogs supplement which helps to maintain maximum joint comfort and mobility, essential for strong healthy and supple joints.

For more information about the equine and canine products available from Scientific Nutritional Products visit the website or to receive nutritional advice specific to your animal contact Peter on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774  or Tel: 01377 254900

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