Making the Best of Winter Competitions

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If you are keen to compete find out what is going on near you by consulting your local venues websites, Facebook pages or some of the collective online event search websites such as Equo Events or Horse Monkey. Once you have set a show day you then need to decide how to get the best out of your horse on the day and plan accordingly. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

Five Top Tips for Making the Best of Winter Competing from Scientific Nutritional Products

1.) Think carefully about your horse’s workload in the run up to a competition. First and foremost assess whether they are fit enough but on the basis they are try and work out a schedule which offers your horse variety prior to competing in a certain discipline. This will help prevent him being sour and bored of Dressage or over jumped prior to the show. Some people like to hack the day before a competition to loosen the horse up and keep them mentally calm; why not give it a go?

2.) Plan a lesson. If you want to get the best from your horse in whatever discipline you take part in; Dressage, Jumping, TREC or Driving to name a few it is worth getting an expert’s advice prior to competing and hone your skills in a lesson in advance of the show.

3.) On competition days always leave yourself enough time when you arrive at a competition to fully prepare your horse without being rushed or becoming stressed yourself. Allow ample time to get ready, tack up and to warm up as being under prepared can be of significant detriment to your performance!

4.) If your equine struggles with tension or stress at shows it is important to remember all horses are individuals and how you manage your equines at shows depends on their own unique personalities. Some horses need to be kept on the move at a show, while others are best left alone. For those that like to be kept active in busy environments walking the horse or pony around or lunging where appropriate may be ideal. Some equines may prefer having a companion at shows to boost their confidence so if your horse becomes stressed at shows why not consider travelling with another or taking a non-competing horse along for the ride?

5.) If your horse is displaying fresh, fizzy or bad behaviour at competitions their diet should always be considered. If you think that food is fuelling the excess energy, this may cause a horse to become frustrated or stressed so a change could help. Typically research has shown that high-starch diets offering quick release energy can result in a ‘fizzy’ state of mind in some horses so for those that are affected in a show environment a diet which is rich in fibre and oil may be a better choice. It may also be beneficial to feed a equine calmer in the diet to promote relaxed behaviour at shows. New Calmer Equine from Scientific Nutritional Products contains premium chelated Magnesium and B group vitamins which help relax muscles and the nervous system plus Pre and Probiotics for calm digestive system. Hardworking competition horses also benefit from having a joint supplement in their diet. Horse Joint Right Supreme offers optimum levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and MSM - all of which help to build equine cartilage, ligaments, tendons and develop synovial fluid alongside helping to cushion and lubricate the joints. Horse Joint Right Supreme also contains green lipped mussel known for its soothing qualities on joints and maintenance of joint cartilage and connective tissue therefore optimising joint function.

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