Horse Electrolytes: A Summer Staple!

The summer time brings with it much loved days of sunshine and extended daylight hours to spend more time with your four-legged friends. It also often offers many more opportunities to compete in equestrian sport; whether that be in Pony Club competitions, Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage or Racing.

During warmer weather a yard essential is a tub of Electrolytes- crucial to support our hard-working equines post strenuous competitions and exercise on hot days.

Why do Horses need Electrolytes?

When exercising, particularly in a hot environment, your horse sweats! The action of sweating helpful as it allows our equine's to reduce their body temperature. As the horse or pony sweats this moisture is absorbed by the atmosphere, evaporating and in turn cooling the body. This system is highly functional- but the problem lies with the loss of beneficial minerals...

Equine sweat is what is known as isotonic. This means that the sweat contains salts, known as minerals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. Losses of these minerals can cause our horse's to suffer from tiredness, muscle stiffness, dehydration and in severe cases colic. When exercising intensely a horse can lose up to 15 litres of sweat per day so it is clear to see with such considerable losses it is vital to replenish our equines depleted stores of both water and lost body salts!

What can horse owners do about it?

Providing an Electrolyte supplement in the diet after travelling, competing or a strenuous training session can help equine naturally recover post exercise by correcting the balance of electrolytes and water within the body. Supplying electrolytes alongside ample fresh water to accompany the supplement allows equines to refuel their bodies- ideal for competing horses and leisure horses on hot days giving horses and ponies the extra boost they need by ensuring the necessary nutrients are available.

Scientific Nutritional Product's Horse Electrolyte Supplement helps give your horse the correct balance of horse electrolytes and water within the body needed to optimise natural recovery.  It very importantly corrects the balance of electrolytes and water within the body cells essential for your horse’s vital organ functions.  Our Horse Electrolytes have added MSM and extra Vitamins to ensure your horse has all the right nutrients needed.

Scientific Nutritional Products offer Electrolytes with MSM and Vitamins. The useful addition of MSM and extra vitamins are provided in the innovative supplements. The easy to use and very palatable powder can simply be mixed in with feed. For more information about the range of supplements available from Scientific Nutritional Products including Horse Electrolytes with MSM & Vitamins, or to keep up to date with our education blog, visit the website If you're not sure when your should be using an Electrolyte supplement please contact our nutritional advisor on Tel: 01377 254900 or Freephone: 0800 032 7774

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