Watching out for Ticks and Fleas this Summer!

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Summer; with it comes the lovely warm weather and longer, lighter evenings - but also plenty of creepy crawlies! Ticks and fleas are not only irritating and uncomfortable for our dogs, but are capable of transmitting some serious diseases and these parasites become more common when the weather warms up! Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

The summer time is when you’re the most likely to spend more time outside with your dog, whether that is making the most of the garden, or going off on walks in different places, and unfortunately this is where ticks and fleas can be picked up. These are parasites which means they feed on blood, and these pests can be harmful in a range of ways. Fleas use their saliva to prevent the dog’s blood from clotting so they can feed and just one bite can set off itching, scratching with the risk of bacteria then entering open wounds. Ticks inject a toxin into your dog as they feed, which can transmit diseases like Lyme disease!

Ticks and fleas are a widespread pest, and just a few parasites can breed into a full-scale infestation as the fleas and ticks will mate where possible, whilst taking up residency on your pet. These pests thrive in warm, damp environments and can originate from many places but are often particularly prevalent in woodland, parks and gardens. It is also worth being aware that, particularly in the case of fleas, these pest can be transferred from dog to dog, so if your dog is attending kennels this summer or the dog groomers, it is worth checking them over upon their return home!     

Symptoms of ticks and fleas include excessive biting, licking, scratching or shaking, and symptoms like lethargy, fever or lack of appetite could indicate a parasite-borne disease. If you find parasites on your dog, there are shampoos and sprays on the market to rid your animal of these pests and ensure they don’t get a foothold on your pet!  However, prevention is better than cure and measures such as collars or tablets and spot-on treatments are essential, as these products protect your dogs for extended periods of time. If you’re not sure how to protect your pet and want to avoid fleas and ticks becoming a problem this summer, why not speak to your veterinarian and get some advice on how best to protect and treat your dog for fleas and ticks?

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