The Perfect Puppy; Puppy Training a Step-by-Step Guide

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So you have just picked up a little bundle of joy; your new puppy! But where to begin on training this cute bundle of fluff to be the type of dog you want as an adult? Efficient and effective training is vital from a young age to ensure a happy, healthy and obedient canine friend.  

Step One Puppy parties can also be a great fun way to benefit your puppy's early development and socialisation. Puppy parties are often organised by local veterinary surgeries allowing puppies to interact with other pups of a similar age. The sessions focus on socialisation and often offer first time owners advice on basic first aid, handling and grooming.

Step Two Fun, friendly puppy classes can be a great place to start in order to teach your puppy good manners and general obedience. Training during the early stages should involve such as; coming when called, walking on a loose lead, not jumping up, food manners, and positions (sit/down/stand), ‘wait’. All training should be done using kind, effective, reward based methods, so your puppy enjoys beginning to work with you.

Step Three When planning your new canine's routine remember that consistency and a regular schedule can help your puppy orientate himself and become confident and happy in his new environment. Excessive exercise at a young age should be avoided to prevent wear and tear on the joints whilst your puppy is still developing. Begin a regular exercise programme with your puppy and stick to it, then you can increase the amount and the distances he exercises over as he develops and grows.

Remember...The aim for your new puppy is that he becomes fit, healthy, happy and that they are fed a balanced and nutritious diet which promotes optimum health. From a young age canines can benefit from the inclusion of a joint supplement in their diet in order to protect and prevent against wear and tear and promote long term mobility. Canine Joint Right (Glucosamine for dogs) is available from or by contacting a member of our team on Tel: 01377 254 900

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