Beating the Bulge!

Is your horse or pony looking a little porky as a result of the wonderful summer weather and ample grazing?

All equines can suffer from obesity as a result of over feeding and lack of exercise but breeds, such as native types can be notoriously difficult to keep a healthy weight on modern pasture.  Breeds such as Highlands, Shetlands and New Forest ponies have evolved to survive on barren landscapes and poor grazing so during summer time when the grass is rich and lush keeping these equines slim and healthy can provide somewhat of a challenge!

However difficult, obesity should be taken seriously as it can result in a number of serious health problems including insulin resistance, chronic inflammation and heart conditions.

Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at how to feed our ‘potentially porky ponies’ in our 3 Key Points !

1.) Forage is the most important aspect of your equine's diet so it is vital that your horse or pony receives sufficient levels of fibre. Forage such as grass and hay helps keep the digestive system healthy preventing issues such as gastric ulcers and hindgut dysfunctions like colic. If your good doer is suffering an ever expanding waistline it may be beneficial to source lower quality pasture, fence a smaller area or reduce the amount of hours they are turned out and provide a low calorie or soaked hay as an alternative.

2.) Exercise is absolutely paramount for all horses especially the ‘good-doers’.  Stick to a regular routine of exercise for your horse and pony and if you have a holiday planned always ask a helper to ride or lunge your equine to limit the risk of weight gain, or even laminitis!

3.) Choose a concentrate feed which is low in energy and low in starch in order to reduce calorie intake, whilst ensuring the feed provides  adequate protein levels to prevent unwanted muscle loss. Pairing a low calorie feed or low levels of feed with a vitamin and minerals supplement is highly beneficial as often the fully balanced comprehensive feedstuff only provides sufficient micronutrients when fed at the recommended levels.

In order to ensure those on lower levels of feed are not deficient in vital ‘vits and mins’ supply your horse with Horse & Pony Multi-Vitamin Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products to ensure your horse or pony is receiving the nutrients he needs even on a reduced diet. This horse mineral and vitamin supplement includes over 25 essential vitamins and minerals providing equines with nutrients to support the immune system, bone and teeth structure, eyesight and nerve and muscle functioning. The palatable powder supplement can be easily added to small amounts of feed, such as a low calorie chaff and is ideal for those equine's of the 'good doer type'. 

For more information about Scientific Nutritional Products and the range of equine supplements available visit the website 

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