Show in Style!

Do you take part in dog showing? Whether you simply join in with local shows and events or are competing at national level it is vital that your dog looks and feels his best in the show ring. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look!

How to Prepare for a Dog Show

Firstly, prior to competition it is vital to ensure your canine friend is in optimum health. Health is of paramount importance to success but also your dog’s welfare and a competitive environment and travel to events will inevitably add additional stress and excitement to their lives. Ensure your dog is being provided a balanced, nutritious diet and undertaking plenty of exercise so he is in tip-top health for show day! Canine Joint Right Glucosamine for Dogs can really help with dog mobility making sure he is moving freely on the day.

Five Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products

1.) Get grooming! A good quality brush is a must-have and you should begin by brushing your dog thoroughly in order to loosen and free up any knots or mats in the fur prior to bathing. A specialist dog shampoo is a worthwhile investment in order to complement the pH of the skin and avoid irritation. Finish your grooming session with a nail clip, which should be done regularly to prevent nail length affecting your dog's movement and stride. If your dog will allow you to do so safely give their knashers' a scrub, if not ensure you take them to your veterinary surgery each year to get this done professionally.

2.)  Remember diet can have a huge effect on the skin and coat condition and in order to maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat every dog requires a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet, treating your dog from the inside out. 

3.) Add Canine Super Coat Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products to the diet to help maintain a luxurious, glossy coat whilst reducing any areas of itchy or flaky skin. Packed full of beneficial ingredients including cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, Biotin, Zinc and a range of other vitamins and minerals which promote healthy skin and coat.

4.) Practice makes perfect! The show environment can be distracting and sometimes stressful for your canine so ensure you have done your training so his attention remaining focused on you in the ring. Why not practice examining him, as the judge will at the event, in order to desensitise him to the process with the positive reinforcement of some tasty treats?

 5.)  Finally it’s important to remember that though you may feel your dog may is the cutest, best dog in the world in a competition it can occasionally be the case that the judges don’t not agree. It’s important to be a good sportsman whether you are winning trophies or leaving empty handed.


 To find out more about the Glucosamine for Dogs supplements available from Scientific Nutritional Products including Canine Super Coat, ideal for those partaking in dog showing visit their website at or contact a member of the friendly team to receive bespoke nutritional advice on Tel: 01377 254900  or FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774

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