Medical Detection Dogs ‘Dogs Saving Lives’.

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Have you heard of medical detection dogs? The pioneering organisation has the slogan dogs saving lives and truly does just that by orchestrating the training of dogs to aid their owners. These clever canines help those that are suffering from potentially life threatening conditions such as diabetes, narcolepsy, addisonian crisis and those that suffer with severe allergies.

Assistance dogs transform the lives of their human partners with debilitating conditions by serving as their companion, helper, aide and friend. The intelligence of our four-legged friends allow people who may have become isolated to both keep safe, and stay active - whilst also providing a consistent loving companion.

The dogs trained by the medical detection team assist individuals to manage health conditions by their training which teaches them to be able to identify the odor change that is associated with life-threading medical events!

For example in the case of a diabetic the risk of reaching low blood sugar levels, known as a hypo, is a daily worry. Low blood sugar levels are highly dangerous if left untreated and can result in serious side effects such as seizures and even comas. 

The inability of young children to detect a hypo is a real concern for parents whilst for some people with diabetes deliberately raising their blood sugar levels can be the only way to prevent severe hypos, which in it’s own right holds consequences.

But what if a four-legged friend could solve these worries and help the day to day dealing with a health condition more bearable?

Dogs, with their amazing sense of smell can be trained to detect minute changes in blood sugar levels and when the rise or fall outside the normal range the clever canines will warn the owner, get help and even fetch vital medical supplies.

The Medical Detection Dogs charity currently have 60 dogs placed in homes across the UK and a further 19 dogs in training. The charity can be supported via donation, sponsorship of puppies or by volunteering to be a puppy socialiser. Why not find out more today by visiting their website

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