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The autumn is upon us and many of our equine friends are becoming somewhat hairy and fluffy! Though this is natural process for our horses and ponies an excessive coat can stand in the way of undertaking significant exercise, so for many horse owners it is essential to clip their equines in autumn and winter time. So, in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at the art of clipping with some useful tips!

The first point to deliberate is when you should clip and what type of clip is suitable for your equine. It is important to clip your horse to avoid sweating but wait until his winter coat has develops then this indicates an appropriate time. The type of clip depends on your horse or pony’s workload; if your equine competes or hunts regularly a full clip is usually required but for those horse’s that are in lighter work a trace, blanket or bib clip may be sufficient.

To clip your horse you will need large body clippers alongside a pair of smaller trimmers for the face, ears and those hard to reach areas. Ensure your clipper blades are the correct blade for the job and are freshly sharpened for a good quality clip.

Now you have the equipment you need and have made a decision about when to clip and what clip you need to apply let’s take a look at our top tips for how to create a ‘perfect’ clip!

 Top Tips for Clipping from Scientific Nutritional Products

1.) Prior to clipping if the weather allows it bath your horse or if it is too cold groom them thoroughly as this will prevent dirt jamming the clippers and minimises grease in the coat which can contribute towards creating ‘lines’ in clips. Always allow equines to fully dry before the clip!

2.) Choose an area to clip your horse which is calm and quiet and create a clutter free environment. You want your area free from any item which may create a tripping hazard for you or your equine should they spook or misbehave during the clipping session. Select a safe stool or block to stand on where required and always allow yourself plenty of time to complete the clip.

3.) Many horses do not enjoy being clipped so have another experienced horse person on hand to assist you where required and try to minimise your horse’s stress at all times. For example, did you know that during the winter months there is a lot more static electiricity? As you clip you may create small shocks so to reduce the static wipe freshly clipped areas with a warm, damp towel but be careful not to over-wet them!

4.) Dull blades create more lines, make your clipper blade motor run hotter, force you to press down harder and make you clip areas multiple times  To keep your clippers running smoothly clean the blades regularly throughout the clip and brush off excess hair from the blades continously.If the blades feel hot to touch you must take a break, hot blades are uncomfortable for your horse and create more lines too!

5.) Horses are most ticklish on the belly near the stifle, by the elbows, on the legs, on the inside of the back legs and on the ears and surrounding area. As you work on these areas, be especially careful as a horse may spook or even kick out. Be patient. Cipping and trimming can be stressful for your horse!

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