Adopting a Rescue Dog

Are you are considering getting a dog from a local charity or rescue centre? There are many dogs here in the UK and abroad desperately seeking new homes and here at Scientific Nutritional Products we think, providing you can offer a suitable home, it is a fantastic thing to do!

Often the cost of taking on a rescue dog is very little and if the canine comes to you from a regulated charity such as The Dogs Trust or the RSPCA many will already be vaccinated, microchipped and often neutered too.

The challenge is that some rescue dogs come with their own acquired quirks and dog behaviour problems that you might need to overcome with patience and kindness. However it is important to remember that dogs which are available for re-homing are not alone in this respect and a purchased puppy could also bring behavioural problems to the household.

The good news is almost any dog training problem can be remedied if handled in the right way.

So what are the important points to consider when adopting a rescue dog?

  • Think with your head not your heart when choosing your canine friend and make a decision regarding the breed, type and energy levels of dog that is right for you and your family. It is crucial to give a lot of consideration to the type of environment your re-homed dog needs and is best suited to in order to ensure a long term, happy home.
  • Assess what age of dog suits you best.If you want a puppy, there may be some available in pet rescue centres but remember these dogs often find homes more readily. Older dogs are easier to find, are often more mellow and are frequently already trained which may suit a first time dog owner better. However it must always be considered that an older dog may have already developed more behavioural problems so the full history of the dog should be gathered by any new potential owner before adoption to ensure the partnership will be successful.
  • Attend dog training classes or ask a professional expert for help with tackling any behaviour problems, or simply just to kick-start your dog's new life. Good leadership in combination with sensitivity and understand is the best way to have a well behaved and happy four-legged friend.

Finally the key to a happy canine is to provide a regular routine, plenty of walks and a balanced nutritious diet so that your dog feels fit, healthy, happy! Canine Joint Right from Scientific Nutritional Products is a Glucosamine for Dogs supplement offering maximum joint comfort and mobility through it’s beneficial ingredients such as; Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, HA and Omega 3.

For more information on Canine Joint Right Glucosamine for Dogs or to receive one-to-one advice specific to your dog and dog joint supplement contact our nutritional specialists on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774 or Tel: 01377 254900. 


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