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T'is the Season to go Eventing!

Mar 10, 2021

It is March, which for many horse enthusiasts means only one thing- the Eventing season which  will soon be under way following an easing of Lockdown restrictions. This thrilling sport, known as the 'ultimate test of horse and rider' captivates the imagination of many but yet requires dedication, hard graft, as well as the optimum health and fitness of our equine partners! In our latest blog Sc...

Clip Happy

Nov 20, 2020

The autumn is upon us and many of our equine friends are becoming somewhat hairy and fluffy! Though this is natural process for our horses and ponies an excessive coat can stand in the way of undertaking significant exercise, so for many horse owners it is essential to clip their equines in autumn and winter time. So, in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at the art of...

The Sensitive Equine Digestive System

Sep 16, 2014

Our nutritional advisor and company partner Peter Fishpool is an expert on equine and canine health. Horses and ponies are notorious for their sensitive digestive systems, prone to all-too-common digestive upsets such as colic or gastric ulcers, so in our latest blog we look at how to feed these four-legged creatures sensitively and safely. Peter Fishpool says... "The horse’s unique and sensiti...

Keeping Hard working Joints Mobile

May 16, 2014

With the competition season in full swing and many pleasure riders under taking longer rides and fun shows it is important to consider protecting our horses joints from natural wear and tear; prolonging their ability to perform at their best in total comfort. Including a Horse Joint Supplement in your equine's diet can help those horses presenting with stiffer movement and uncomfortable joints...

Managing Spring Pasture

Apr 02, 2014

The UK have finally been, after a long, wet winter, enjoying some brighter weather leaving us itching to get our horses out to pasture. During spring time the grass grows thick and fast but sometimes putting our horses out for a long duration too soon can limit the productivity of the pasture for the summer months. In addition sometimes allowing your equine to graze too much after a winter can ...

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