A Look at Gun Dogs

Gun dogs are types canines which have been developed and bred to assist man in hunting activities such as finding and retrieving game, typically birds. Gun dogs are divided into three primary types retrievers, flushing dogs, and pointing breeds. There are a wide variety of breeds which are classed fit into the gun dog category and these include such as the English Pointer, Labrador or Springer Spaniel to name but a few!

Gun dogs provide a fantastic service to their owners helping to gather and provide food for our consumption and it can also provide a fun hobby for those interested in such an activity.

Working as a gun dog is actually natural to the canine, despite the fact that training is required to harness some instincts, the working dog gets to utilise their natural hunting, retrieving and pointing behaviours in a task which provides an ethically supportable food source. Luckily the dogs that work as gun dogs all think that it is great fun!

Gundog work though fun is hard work, as the tasks can be incredibly physical including running, jumping, carrying not to mention trawling through undergrowth and bracken! Therefore protecting the body and the joints of the gundog is an essential part of care for the diligent canine. A balanced, nutritious diet is essential and a joint supplement which supports the joint cartilage and soothes aching joints can be highly beneficial in the gun dog of all breeds.

If you are interested in gun dog training for your four-legged friend he must be at least eight months of age and already socialised with other dogs. There are various organisations to join and train with and take part in their vets. All will expect your dog to be fully vaccinated and wormed. In order to protect your canines joints and muscles it is wise not to take your dog on a shoot more often than twice a week.

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