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As the summer shifts into autumn for many dog owners walking their dogs in the darker evenings becomes essential. It is therefore important to think about important safety measures to keep you and your canine friend safe. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

Stay Focused

Keeping your attention on your dog when walking is much more crucial in the dark so focusing on your surroundings rather than listening to music or talking with friends on your phone is important. Dogs can see better in the dark than we do, but objects and people can look different in shadowy light so unless you are in a safe or an enclosed area, it is sensible to keep your dog on the lead just in case they were to react and respond in a startled fashion.

Look Ahead

Planning your route and sticking to well-known paths is highly advisable when walking in the dark. If you do have to walk on the road ensuring you are walking towards the traffic allows you and your dog to see oncoming vehicles in advance. Wearing a head-torch limits your own risk of slips and trips on uneven or slippery ground. You could also consider walking with another dog owner or in a small group.

Be Safe and be Seen

Reflective dog vests or harnesses can provide a great option for increasing your dog’s visibility. LED dog collars and leads have become popular in recent years and with their super bright light and fun colours they can offer a useful addition, especially for those dogs that don’t like to wear restrict wear such as jackets or vests. As well as equipping your dog in such attire, donning your own high-visibility bib or jacket will ensure you are seen by walkers, cyclists and motorists alike maximising your safety.

Finally saving those longer walks for the weekend and upping the ante on play at home can bridge the gap as the colder and darker weather hits in. Providing mental stimulation such as treat toys and working on your discipline commands can help keep your canine friend occupied but if ‘at home’ play is no compromise for longer walks investing in a daytime dog walker offer a wise solution!

During autumn and wintertime when the weather becomes colder many dogs can benefit from additional supplementation to their diet to achieve ideal health and to avoid joint stiffness.

Scientific Nutritional Products manufacture Canine Joint Right containing optimum Glucosamine for Dogs, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Omega 3.  Feeding this effective Dog Joint Supplements will help keep your dog's joints Strong, Active and Moving.


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