Coping with Canine Allergies

It is estimated that one in seven dogs suffer from allergic symptoms with skin allergies being the most commonly seen issue. Allergies can result in unpleasant consequences for your dog as it can mean that your canine friend scratches continuously and their skin becomes sore as well as itchy. Understandably it can lead them to be miserable, snappish which as loving dog owners is hard to witness. Certain canine breeds definitely appear to be more allergy prone and genetics plays a role but all breeds and their mixes can be affected so in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

 What are allergies?

 The term allergy describes an unpleasant reaction caused by either the dog’s food, something which has been inhaled; such as a pollen or something in the canine’s environment such as a washing powder used on their bedding. The foodstuff or substance itself causes the reaction from the canine and the substance is known as an allergen.

 Before a dog can have an allergic reaction, they must be exposed to the specific allergen at least twice. The first exposure causes the immune system to manufacture antibodies to the allergen. A later exposure triggers an allergen-antibody reaction that releases histamine, the chemical mediator responsible for the reaction. Whilst humans tend to experience upper respiratory symptoms when an allergy is triggered, the target organ in dogs is usually the skin, with intense itching being the principal sign.

 How do you fix it?

 In order to resolve or reduce the response to the allergen, the first step is to identify the problem! Dog owners can conduct their own 'process of elimination' style investigations reducing exposure to certain shampoos, outdoor environments or a food stuff to help identify the source of the issues. Once identified the allergen can be removed!

 If you cannot find the problem or you are concerned for your dog’s welfare visit your veterinarian who can offer your dog skin or blood tests, or a special elimination diet to find out what's causing the allergic reaction.

 Supporting your Dog through Diet

 In terms of your canine’s immunity and ability to recover from a canine skin complaint or allergic reaction it is important to remember that health comes from 'the inside out' and always ensure the dog's diet is rich in the nutrients they need. Scientific Nutritional Products offer Canine Super Coat  a dog coat conditioner offering dogs the essential nutrients for healthy skin and a glossy coat. This innovative supplement is ideal for dogs with a dull coat, dog dandruff or itchy, flaky skin. Containing cod liver oil and evening primrose oil the essential fatty acids promote a shiny coat whilst amino acid Methionine supplies protein, and the B vitamin Biotin helps produce keratin vital for the formulation of skin, hair and nails.

 The addition of MSM in Canine Super Coat provides a naturally occurring form of bio-available sulphur which is often deficient in feed, supplying an essential component of connective tissue. Packed full of additional vitamins and minerals including Zinc, Copper, Vitamin E and Vitamin C Canine Super Coat is ideal to assist dog's in their recovery from an allergic reaction, maintain dog's which are sensitive to multiple allergens and support those dog's which simply have dry, flaky skin or a dull coat.

 For more information about Canine Super Coat or Canine Joint Right Glucosamine for Dogs, or to keep up with our educational blog by visiting our website

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