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Coping with Losing your Dog

Jun 01, 2018

In our blog this week we are going to discuss the sensitive topic of losing your beloved canine friend. Though not an easy topic to touch on, as pet owners committed to your animals for life, it is a heart breaking, yet inevitable hurdle you must cross at some stage so we take a look and share our tips and advice on how to cope in this difficult situation. Firstly we would like to highlight tha...

Grooming your Dog

Apr 13, 2018

Regular, thorough grooming is important for your canine friend and taking good care of his skin and coat will allow him to remain clean and healthy. A good grooming session will prevent any build up of dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat keeping him comfortable and infection-free. Keeping your four-legged friend dirt free can prove more of a challenge in the autumn and winter months with m...

Coping with Canine Allergies

Sep 09, 2016

It is estimated that one in seven dogs suffer from allergic symptoms with skin allergies being the most commonly seen issue. Allergies can result in unpleasant consequences for your dog as it can mean that your canine friend scratches continuously and their skin becomes sore as well as itchy. Understandably it can lead them to be miserable, snappish which as loving dog owners is hard to witness...

Preparing for a fun dog show

May 11, 2016

Early summer is prime time for canine dog events - we have the Paws in the Park Spring Show at the South of England Showground in West Sussex (14-15th May); the South Wales Dog and Family Fun Day (30th May) in Cardiff; Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick’s DogFest (18-19th June) in Cheshire; Great Dane rescue’s Fun Dog Event (3rd July) in Redcar, North Yorkshire; and not forgetting the highly anticipated...

Understanding Canine Allergies

Nov 13, 2015

Canine allergies have seen a dramatic increase in recent years with estimations calculating that 1 in 7 dogs suffer from allergic symptoms with skin problems being the most widely seen. Research has shown that some dog breeds appear to be more allergy prone, and that genetics certainly play a role in the likelihood of allergies developing, but that overall all breeds of dog can be affected. Wha...

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