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Teaching our children to be Aware of frightened canines

Oct 16, 2019

The British Psychological Society (BPS) has recently reported on a new study showcased at the society’s annual conference that shows that many children are unaware that they should show caution around frightened dogs. Lead researcher Dr Sarah Rose of Staffordshire University said: “This study explored whether children are unable to accurately recognise a dog’s emotions, when approaching one.” D...

Helping your Dog Cope with Fireworks

Oct 30, 2018

With Halloween and Bonfire Night swiftly approaching, many people will be looking forward to hosting parties or attending public fireworks events. This annual, traditional event allows us here in the UK to enjoy a fun, colourful and exciting display of fireworks but sadly it is very common that our canine friends do not enjoy the festivities brought by this yearly celebration. So in our latest ...

Grooming your Dog

Apr 13, 2018

Regular, thorough grooming is important for your canine friend and taking good care of his skin and coat will allow him to remain clean and healthy. A good grooming session will prevent any build up of dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat keeping him comfortable and infection-free. Keeping your four-legged friend dirt free can prove more of a challenge in the autumn and winter months with m...

Leaving your Dog Whilst you go on Holiday - What are your options?

Jul 17, 2017

We love traveling with our dogs on UK holidays— but sometimes we know it’s just not possible if we are journeying further afield on your travels. So when your dog can’t accompany you on a trip what are your options? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look… Kennels Boarding kennels are cover a whole variety of establishments, from basic boarding to the more luxurious. So how can you select...

Caring for the Older Dog

Mar 01, 2017

Advances in canine nutrition and progression of veterinary science has ensured many of our dogs are living for longer. This is great news for dog owners meaning that often they will have a few more years with their beloved pets. However as your canine friend ages, they will change and need more specialised care and support. Later in life your dog will not be able to run as fast, jump as high or...

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