Leaving your Dog Whilst you go on Holiday - What are your options?

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We love traveling with our dogs on UK holidays— but sometimes we know it’s just not possible if we are journeying further afield on your travels. So when your dog can’t accompany you on a trip what are your options? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look…


Boarding kennels are cover a whole variety of establishments, from basic boarding to the more luxurious. So how can you select a good kennel where your dog will be happy and safe and you’ll feel comfortable leaving him so you can enjoy your trip without worry?

As with a hotel where you’d spend the night, the cleanliness of a kennel says a lot about a place. Go and visit each kennel and assess them and critically do not leave your pet anywhere that does not require him to be up to date on current vaccinations!

Exercise is an important factor, especially for active dogs. Find out whether your dog will be in an inside/outside kennel where they’re able to go outside to take care of business and enjoy the weather and smells? As how regularly the staff walk and exercise the dogs? High energy dogs need to be walked, played with, or allowed to play with other dogs. Check to see how and when they exercise the animals and if there is any extra cost involved!

Find out what food they will feed your pet, and how often.  Ideally your dog should be provided quality dog food twice per day.  Some kennels will give you the option of bringing along your own food and supplements such as your dog’s Canine Joint Right Supplement. If you are searching for kennel facilities ask your veterinarian if he or she knows any good boarding facilities but just be sure to visit them in advance of booking!

Dog Sitter

Many people these days opt to find a dog or house sitter for their canine friend whilst they are away on holiday.  If you know this is an option you’d prefer starting your search as soon as you know you need a sitter gives you time to find someone who will best fit your dog’s needs as opposed to being limited to the last minute available choices. Ask family and friends for recommendations or have a look online for reputable dog sitters.

Contact potential sitters to check their availability, get quotes, find out how long they’ve been pet sitting, and ask about the type of dogs they are comfortable caring for to determine if they have the skillset to care for your dog. If your pup has special needs, health issues, or behavioural concerns choosing a suitable dog sitter may be more of a specialist task!

Even if the sitter you are considering was a recommendation from a family member or friend, it’s always a good idea to get a few more references. Ask your potential sitter if they can provide references for you to contact or, if you found your sitter online, read reviews left by other clients.

When you leave for your trip always write down information including the dog’s feeding schedule,  any medication requirements, emergency contact information including the vet’s number. It also might help your dog whilst you are away to mention their favourite walking routes, the house rules and the commands she knows. It’s also advisable to complete a veterinary release to your dog knows and understands well. As you head out the door, finally, relax! You’ve done your homework and your dog is in great hands!

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