Advice for New Dog Owners

Purchasing or adopting a new puppy or older canine is often quite simply love at first sight.  So once youve fallen hook, line and sinker for your new canine friend as well as taking them home to meet the family it is vital to embrace the full commitment to the animal which will last their lifetime.

Dogs can live for up to around 15 years old and sometimes even older.  Please ask yourself if you will have enough time for them once you return to work which may be away from home once the Lockdown restrictions are fully eased.  Another consideration is to look at the cost of food, vet bills, toys, accessories, and pet training to be sure you can afford to support them for their whole life.

Five Top Money Saving Advice Tips for Dog Owners

1.) Dog food is the biggest long term essential cost for dog owners. Buying pet food in bulk can work out cheaper than buying single tins and packets of biscuits. If you have space such as a shed, barn or garage to store your dog food this can provide an excellent way to cut costs. However it is vital to keep your dog’s food and treats fresh as otherwise than will result in waste. Storing food in plastic containers keeps it fresh for up to 10 times longer so invest in some large plastic storage boxes which are air tight.

2.) Leaving pets in kennels can be very expensive. If you are going on holiday, ask a neighbour or member of the family to petsit for you. Your dog is likely to be more relaxed in his own home too and you could even offer to return the favour for them too in order to offset the financial outlay.

3.) Conduct your own grooming and once a week commit to brushing your dog looking out for any lumps, bumps or ticks. Learn how to trim his nails so you can keep on top of this job yourself and you can also brush your dog’s teeth, which though sounds like hard work, may save you a lot of money in the long run if you look after their teeth correctly.

4.) Save old blankets and towels for dog rather than buying expensive pet beds. These pet beds often just get muddy and torn and your dog really doesn’t care what his bed looks like providing he is comfortable.

5.) The one area, alongside veterinary care, not to scrimp is your dog’s diet. Feeding poor quality food is a false economy as not only are cheap dog foods often packed full of filler ingredients which often leave your dogs hungry and wanting more food but also health comes from the inside out and cheap food can be detrimental to health long term.

Alongside a balanced, healthy diet it can be beneficial to include a Glucosamine for Dogs supplement in the diet, in order to maintain mobility comfort and joint suppleness.

Scientific Nutritional Products offer Canine Joint Right which provides a comprehensive supplement which includes Glucosamine for Dogs, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Omega 3 offering your dog the ultimate Joint Aid for Dogs package. Canine Joint Right supplement can help to support joint cartilage, soothe and ease aching joints and the unique addition of MSM helps to build cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid.

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