T'is the Season to go Eventing!

It is March, which for many horse enthusiasts means only one thing- the Eventing season which  will soon be under way following an easing of Lockdown restrictions.

This thrilling sport, known as the 'ultimate test of horse and rider' captivates the imagination of many but yet requires dedication, hard graft, as well as the optimum health and fitness of our equine partners! In our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products delves into the sport of Eventing, with some top tips and advice for individuals  partaking in the discipline, or those interesting in taking up the sport!

 The Eventing season runs from March to October every year in the UK and British Eventing (BE) annually organises around 200 affiliated events across the country, not to mention a host of popular unaffiliated competitions offered nationwide. To find out more information why not visit their website directly at www.britisheventing.com.

 The first step to beginning the Event season or taking up Eventing is to make sure you and your horse are sufficiently fit, healthy and under a targeted schooling and training. A 5* horse needs a dramatically different fitness regime from a riding club level competitor working at unaffiliated level, but whatever the level, the Eventing horse is more likely to put extra wear and tear on his limbs so it is vital to prepare accordingly.

 Fitness and Management; Five Top Tips for Eventing from Scientific Nutritional Products

1.) If you are new to Eventing or are just preparing to start your season, assess how fit your horse is carefully. Start gradually and build up your hacking so you are on mixed terrain and working in different paces. Working up and down hills is particularly good for balance, conditioning and muscle development. 

2.) Once your horse is sufficiently fit use extended periods of canter work when your equine's fitness increases in order to improve and build your horse’s cardiac endurance, but make sure you offer plenty of walks breaks, and where possible use professional gallops or well-cushioned grass surfaces to prevent against joint concussion! Include Pure Distilled MSM Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products in your equine's diet to encourage blood circulation, promote an efficient immune system and improve lung function, in turn soothing muscles and optimise natural recovery time after exercise.

3.) Always vary your horse's work to prevent against wear and tear and damage to the joints and the supporting structures; the tendons, ligament and muscles. Supply a joint supplement such as Horse Joint Right Supreme in the diet and concoct a routine involving hacking, flatwork schooling, jumping. Varying the routine compliments the needs of both the brain and body!

4.) Work hard on your schooling and training! As well as improving fitness it is important to prepare for each phase of the event. Working on your flatwork will improve Dressage mark, highly influential to your final score, as well as acting helping you achieving balance and rhythm over fences. Practice your show jumping to hone your own, and your horse's skills to ride better lines, different types of fences and to create a better, more adjustable canter.

5.) Whatever work you have undertaken and crucial when at the event itself always ensure you complete a sufficient warm up and cool down process to protect your equine’s muscles, tendons and ligaments from injury.

 Horse Joint Supplements

Horse Joint Right Supreme designed and produced by Scientific Nutritional Products is ideal to support hard working Event horses, or those struggling with any joint stiffness. The supplement contains optimum levels of Glucosamine for Horses, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin and MSM which help to build equine cartilage, ligaments, tendons and develops synovial fluid found in joints. Horse Joint Right Supreme also includes Omega 3, well known as an anti-inflammatory; perfect for the hard working joints!

Highly beneficial for event horses coping with competing over mixed terrain as a preventative measure, or to help combat stiff hard working joints. Horse Joint Right Supreme is available from www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or by contacting a member of our friendly team on freephone 0800 032 7774.

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