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T'is the Season to go Eventing!

Mar 10, 2021

It is March, which for many horse enthusiasts means only one thing- the Eventing season which  will soon be under way following an easing of Lockdown restrictions. This thrilling sport, known as the 'ultimate test of horse and rider' captivates the imagination of many but yet requires dedication, hard graft, as well as the optimum health and fitness of our equine partners! In our latest blog Sc...

Why it is important to protect your horse's Joints

Jan 13, 2021

All year round it is important to consider protecting our horse’s joints from natural wear and tear; prolonging our equine’s ability to perform at their best in total comfort. In the winter time this can become more crucial as a drop in barometric pressure often sees troublesome joints causing more problems. Stiff joints can result in reduced stride length, reluctance to work through and forwa...

The Perfect Puppy; Puppy Training a Step-by-Step Guide

Mar 08, 2019

So you have just picked up a little bundle of joy; your new puppy! But where to begin on training this cute bundle of fluff to be the type of dog you want as an adult? Efficient and effective training is vital from a young age to ensure a happy, healthy and obedient canine friend.   Step One Puppy parties can also be a great fun way to benefit your puppy's early development and socialisation. P...

Enhance your Hunter’s Diet this Season

Nov 04, 2014

If you are one of the many riders who enjoy hunting at this time of year you will need to make sure that your horse or pony is at optimum fitness before undertaking the season.  Though there are regular breaks and periods of standing still on the field your horse does need to be fit enough to undertake an extended duration of work, be able to canter both up and down hills and undertake jumping ...

Taking Care of Your Veteran this Season

Oct 16, 2013

As a result of improved equine care and veterinary progression in recent years the majority of our horses and ponies are living longer. This means we get to enjoy our beloved equines for longer but it does also dictate that we, as horse owners, have to learn what our veteran equines need to protect their health and welfare in their older years.  Each equine is an individual and some of our hors...

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