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Why use a Pro Biotic?

May 12, 2017

Offering a balanced diet is essential to every equine’s health and wellbeing; the combination of sufficient and correct exercise plus quality feeding will produce the optimum condition needed for whatever discipline the horses or pony is being asked to do. Nutri-Gut supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products optimises digestive wellbeing and limits the risk of health conditions such as str...

Supporting Digestive Health through our Mild Winter

Jan 07, 2016

The unseasonably warm weather during this winter thus far has seen plenty of mud and rain but a distinct lack of hard frosts leaving many bugs and insects lingering around. This can be a cause for concern as parasites can be easily ingested by the horse or pony whilst grazing impacting on the health of the digestive system. Whilst we horse owners can't control the weather, alongside an organis...

Benefits of Pre and ProBiotics

Nov 12, 2015

Many horse owners are keen to find out more about the benefits of giving microbial supplements, such as probiotics and prebiotics. Essentially, the equine hindgut contains billions of fibre-fermenting bacteria that create an energy source and maintain digestive health. Fibre-digesting bacteria are the ‘good bugs’ and are essential for digestive efficiency. Bad bugs may cause pathologies if they...

Take the Stress Out of Travelling

Aug 09, 2013

The summer competition season is in full swing , so whether you are out competing or taking part in Pony Club Camp or Riding Club activities there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had. However for our equine friends travelling can sometimes induce stress which can lead to weight loss, tiredness and a bad, upset temperament. If you horse becomes stressed whilst travelling it can be a diffic...

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