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Children with Autism spectrum disorder may find emotional support from canines

Jan 05, 2017

Using dogs to help with task rewards could be useful for parents of autistic children, says a Texas Tech University behavioural analyst, who works with therapy dogs. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the most widely and deeply researched topics in child development, reported Science Daily recently. Effects of the various types of ASD include deficits in social communication and interacti...

Medical Detection Dogs ‘Dogs Saving Lives’.

Aug 28, 2015

Have you heard of medical detection dogs? The pioneering organisation has the slogan ‘dogs saving lives’ and truly does just that by orchestrating the training of dogs to aid their owners. These clever canines help those that are suffering from potentially life threatening conditions such as diabetes, narcolepsy, addisonian crisis and those that suffer with severe allergies. Assistance dogs t...

Let's Celebrate International Assistance Dog Week this weekend!

Aug 08, 2014

Did you know that this week is International Assistance Dog Week, known as IADW? The special week was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals with their disabilities. Assistance dogs transform the lives of their human partners with debilitating physical and mental disabilities by serving as their companion, helper, aide, best friend and close member...

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