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Dog Walking Groups

Dec 19, 2017

Do you love walking your dog but sometimes wish you could walk in a group or socialise with other dog walkers either for your dog’s benefit or your own… Did you know dog-walking groups are becoming ever more popular? Dog-walking can be quite solitary and it can offer a real mood-booster watching your dogs running around together and chatting with other dog-obsessed people so why not give it a g...

Training your Dog to Walk on the Lead

Dec 07, 2017

Many non dog owners often think that dogs innately know how to walk on a lead but in actual fact this is something which needs to be taught to our four-legged friends. It is an important part of your canine’s training so whether you have a puppy or an older rescue dog this essential skill is a dog training must-have! The first step is to introduce your dog to a collar, harness and the lead by s...

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