Helping your Dog Cope with Fireworks

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With Halloween and Bonfire Night swiftly approaching, many people will be looking forward to hosting parties or attending public fireworks events. This annual, traditional event allows us here in the UK to enjoy a fun, colourful and exciting display of fireworks but sadly it is very common that our canine friends do not enjoy the festivities brought by this yearly celebration. So in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products share our top tips to help your canine cope with fireworks and bonfire night celebrations.

Scientific Nutritional Products 10 Top Tips for Helping your Dog Cope with Fireworks

1.) Firstly, and it may seem obvious but never take your dog to a firework display, even if your dog does not seem visibly distressed about fireworks. Behaviours such as excessive yawning and panting can also indicate that your dog is stressed and the risk of them becoming scared and bolting at the event is far too great to take the chance.

2.) Distract your dog from the noise of fireworks by having other noises in place such as the TV or the radio. You can also draw your curtains, helping to create a safe, warm environment and to avoid any sudden bright lights for firework displays flooding the living room.

3.) Make a safe den for your dog to retreat to if he or she feels scared. Alternatively, let your dog take refuge under furniture and include an old, unwashed piece of clothing so that your dog can smell your scent and feel comfortable. Don’t try and tempt them out if they have found a comfy spot- remember the old saying… ‘let sleeping dogs lie’?

4.) Don’t tell your dog off if he is upset by fireworks, even if he barks. Our canine friends do not understand the lights, noise and bangs and reprimanding them for their natural behaviour will only make your pet more distressed.

5.) Try to act and behave as normal where possible, as your dog will pick up on unusual behaviour from you. Remain calm and try and send positive signals to your dog. Reward calm behaviour from your dog by presenting their favourite treats and toys.

6.) Don’t ever assume your garden is escape proof. If your dog needs to go outside on evenings when fireworks are likely to occur take him outside on a lead. If your dog is scared they are much more inclined to try and escape - even if this is out of ‘normal’ character for your dog.

7.) Why not try to acclimatise your canine to the sound of fireworks before the events begin? CDs are available from online retailers which mimic the sound of fireworks and these can be played at low volume to try to desensitise your dog to the ‘bangs’ and ‘whooshes’. Always exercise this method with caution and if it does excessively distress your dog this method may need to be abandoned.

8.) Stay in the house with your dog and preferably in the same room. Your canine friend will take comfort from your presence so it is your responsibility to ensure you are available to soothe and calm them when it is needed.

9.) Check out where and when displays are being held in your local area and ask your neighbours to let you know if they are planning a fireworks event at their home so you can be in the know regarding what is going on in the local area.

10.) Consider consulting an animal behaviourist if your canine friend really struggles. Accredited and experienced dog training instructors may be able to help you with additional advice and support.

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