Dog Walking Groups

Do you love walking your dog but sometimes wish you could walk in a group or socialise with other dog walkers either for your dogs benefit or your own Did you know dog-walking groups are becoming ever more popular? Dog-walking can be quite solitary and it can offer a real mood-booster watching your dogs running around together and chatting with other dog-obsessed people so why not give it a go and set up a dog walking group today?

Firstly you need to decided whether you want to walk with owners of the same breed or in a mixed group. If you are interested in meeting other canine owners from the same breed group you can contact the any of the national organisation for the specific breed of your dog or the kennel club to find out if any like minded folk are based near you. Alternatively if you are keen to meet dogs of all shapes and sizes; talk to other dog owners, including friends, people you regularly see out walking, and members of your family or dog training club. Or you can place adverts in local vet's, shop windows or on social media which can be a great source for finding local groups.

Once you’ve got your group together you need to find a suitable place to walk. If you have a large number of dogs attending it is wise to avoid crowded places or very busy parks. A woodland walk or beach walk may provide the perfect setting but plan a dog-walking route before you set out so you can assess any risks in advance and be prepared.

When planning a group dog walk make sure you allow enough time; fix a time and work in a half-hour leeway and state a finish time to the group to avoid group members being late and stressed. Remember when a big group is meeting up it is unrealistic to meet up and be off on your walk within five minutes of your meeting time; the half hour allows for latecomers and means you're not waiting around.

Make sure the route suits all the dog’s abilities and fitness levels; remember that the dog owners need to be prepared to walk at the pace of the slowest member of the group. If you have any elderly dogs participating this is particularly important. Why not do a trial run first and then refine any details.

Finally unfortunately dog’s do not always get along with one-another. If temperaments clash or if another dog bullies or worries a dog it is important for this to be tackled and managed and the dog’s to be kept away from each other as much as is possible in the group. Facilitating a group where it is easy for each member to speak about concerns is vital to promote happiness and safety.

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