Training your Dog to Walk on the Lead

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Many non dog owners often think that dogs innately know how to walk on a lead but in actual fact this is something which needs to be taught to our four-legged friends. It is an important part of your canine’s training so whether you have a puppy or an older rescue dog this essential skill is a dog training must-have!

The first step is to introduce your dog to a collar, harness and the lead by starting to let them wear the equipment for short periods of time within the house. Some canines won’t like the extra gear so try and play with them or offer treats during this time so that to them, wearing a collar or a lead represents food and fun!

Start by holding the lead whilst in the house - call your dog to you when they have the collar and lead on and take hold of it whilst providing them a treat. When your dog is comfortable in you handling the lead in the house try going out for walk in the great outdoors!

When first holding your dog’s lead don’t initially attempt to get them to walk at heel unless they do so naturally. Be sure to only apply gentle pressure on the lead and stay calm and centred, sometimes just standing still or kneeling down if they get confused. You can use a treat held in your hand down by your side at his head level to get him walking alongside you on the leash, and then occasionally make him stop and sit for the treat.

Some dogs can sit and decide not to move when a collar, lead or harness is applied. If this happens walk a few steps away, go down on one knee and encourage your dog to come to you using a treat. Then set off walking again. Hopefully by building on this pattern gradually you will soon have your dog trotting along by your side.

Be patient and keep your first walks short. While you’re on a walk, if your puppy or older dog that is new to being on the lead looks as if he’s about to lunge towards something or is about to get distracted and give them a pre-decided cue for a treat. Then move a few steps away and reward them if they follow you with a treat. If you feel that your puppy is getting stressed when walking with a lead outside try putting treats or toys along the route you'll be taking to turn this into a rewarding game: good times are ahead. That way he learns to focus on what's ahead of him with curiosity and not fear.

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