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Caring for the Older Dog

May 23, 2020

Recent years have brought about advances in nutrition and veterinary care which has ensured many of our dogs are happily living for longer. Each older dog will have its own specific needs and requirements but the deterioration of the digestive system, joints and teeth are unfortunately inevitable results of aging for all animals. This can mean that additional supplementation of the diet, increa...

Caring for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

May 21, 2014

Some canines, just like people, have more sensitive skin than others with problems such as dry, flaky skin, itchiness, inflammation or a dull coat affecting a vast range of the dog population in a variety of breeds. Skin issues can be caused by many factors with a range of environmental/management problems resulting in poor skin. In addition food intolerances or the lack of important nutrients ...

Canine Joint Right; Glucosamine for Dogs

Nov 27, 2013

During the winter time when the weather becomes colder and damper our canine's joints often suffer. Our dogs can present to have reduced levels of mobility and flexibility and sometimes find simple tasks like jumping into the car or going down the stairs more of a struggle. So what can we do as pet owners to help? Our dogs are at their happiest when they are able to undertake regular exercise i...

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