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Weight Control on Lush Pasture

Jul 13, 2020

After what has seemed like months waiting for the grass to grow after recent downpours our pastures are finally springing up. For many of us that means increasing our horses turnout or moving them to their summer fields, but how do we manage this transition with due care and attention to the sensitive equine digestive system? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look in our latest blog. Spri...

Avoiding Equine Insulin Resistance Laminitis

Jul 24, 2016

Insulin Resistance is a condition which effects horses and means that their bodies do not process glucose properly. Similar to Diabetes in humans the condition can be dangerous and debilitating. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look in our latest blog... Glucose itself is a fuel and provides energy for the horse at a cellular level and Insulin acts as a vehicle for this glucose deliveri...

What Nutrients do our Equines Require and Why?

Mar 05, 2014

Balancing a horse’s diet while meeting the digestible energy requirements is extremely important. Each and every horse requires specific nutrients dependant on their age, workload and their access to good quality pasture. Nutrient content should be considered when looking at the overall feeding program, so Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at what nutrients our horses need and why. T...

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